Senior Portraits

You only get one Senior Portrait in your yearbook - and it's how your classmates will remember you when you've all gone your separate ways.  Your Senior Portraits should show your unique personality allow the world to see what an extraordinary individual you have become.

Choosing the right photographer for your senior portrait is not as simple as clicking a website and finding someone that presents themselves well on the internet or has great pricing - you need to meet the photographer and make sure that you are willing to spend your time with this person while they try to capture who you are in one portrait.

I never commit to senior portraits until we sit down together and discuss how you would like to be photographed - where, when (time and season), and how you would like to be represented.  At the same time, I would expect you to be interviewing me - I need you to be comfortable with me and my style of photography.

If you are interested in having me take your Senior Portraits, click here or call to schedule your pre-booking interview.  I can perform interviews over the phone, but prefer them to be face-to face in location where you are most comfortable.


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