School Ambassador Program

What is a School Ambassador?

School Ambassadors are students that excel academically, in extracurricular activities, and in their community.  You must represent yourself, your school, and your community to their fullest and greatest potentials.


What's in it for me?

School Ambassadors earn photo shoots and $50 in print credits for every year they are chosen and for their senior portraits.  

Highlight photos of sporting events and extracurricular activities are offered exclusively to School Ambassadors.

Finally, School Ambassadors will be featured on this website and on social media pages for each shoot, activity, and event I photograph for them.


What are my responsibilities as a School Ambassador?

School Ambassadors must continue to represent their school and their community positively or they will forfeit any future benefits of the School Ambassador Program.  

If you wish to have me at any activities, sports, or community events, it is your responsibility to alert me to these events.  Providing I have no scheduling conflicts, I will attend these events for the purpose of photographing the School Ambassador and highlighting their part in the event.

School Ambassadors must represent Richard J Snow photography in a positive light - you will earn additional credits and photo shoots for referring your friends and family when they book a session.


How do I become a School Ambassador?

Complete and submit your application online.

Click Here for the School Ambassador Application.    

Applications are accepted throughout the year, but ambassadors are only selected during summer vacation.  

Once your application is submitted, it will be reviewed and ambassador candidates will be chosen.

Ambassador candidates will be interviewed individually and selected during summer vacation.

Ambassadors are selected annually, but individuals may retain their ambassadorship through graduation if they are chosen prior to their Senior year. 


What happens once School Ambassadors are Chosen?

Once the School Ambassadors are chosen, I will create profiles on this website showcasing each ambassadors story.  Then we have a pre-shoot interview in order for me to get a feel for your personality and how you would like to be presented photographically.  

Following the interview, we schedule your first photo shoot.  This shoot is a 4-hour session that can take place at multiple locations.  You also get unlimited outfit changes during the time scheduled. This shoot is intended to capture your individual spirit and personality.

The best images of this session will be edited and showcased on your profile page and social media.  

You will receive all showcased images in jpeg format suited for sharing and on-screen display.  Full resolution jpegs will be made available for purchase at a discounted rate.  You will have the opportunity to select images to be professionally printed and will receive a print allotment of $50 per school year, as long as you retain your ambassadorship.

For every person you refer to Richard Snow Photography that books a session, you will be awarded 250 points.  Points can be redeemed for additional photo shoots, prints, and gift cards to Richard Snow Photography.  There is no limit to the number of points you can earn.  Points hold no monetary value until they are redeemed. 

The top ambassadors for the year can also win gift cards to select retail outlets (Amazon, Best Buy, etc) at the discretion of Richard Snow Photography.